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XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Conference
24-27 July 217, Krakow/Poland

Working Group 21 ‚ÄėEvaluation of ‚Äėinnovation‚Äô projects and partnerships: challenges, practical experiences and methodological innovations

Conveners: Susanne von M√ľnchhausen, Policy and Markets in the Agri-Food-Sector, Eberswalde University ; Anna Maria H√§ring, Policy and Markets in the Agri-Food-Sector, Eberswalde University; Mark Riley, University of Liverpool, UK; Lee-Ann Sutherland, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

The objective of this working group is to provide space for critical reflection and discussion on the research and evaluation methods approaches being trialled and (re)considered by those undertaking social science research in rural contexts. The working group involves two streams (see outline of WG 21 below): A) methods for evaluating innovation projects, and B) new and refined methods of undertaking rural research more broadly.

Final Outlines: Outline-final.pdf

Stream A) Methods for evaluation innovation projects included of the following presentations:


 Other authors



 Katarina Eckerberg  

Therese Bj√§rstig 

Continuous learning and evaluation of EIP-Agri in Sweden



 Laura Secco 

Elena Pisani, Catie Burlando, Riccardo Da Rea, Maria Nijnik, Tatiana Kluvankova, David Miller

Co-constructing a new framework for evaluating social innovation in marginalised rural areas


 Michal Lostak

Katerina Boukalova, Jiri Prusa, Jiri Hrabak

 LEADER funded projects in Czechia evaluated through hermeneutic interventional investigation


 Guszt√°v Nemes


 Assessing the innovation capacity of alternative food networks ‚ÄĒ two cases from Hungary


 Artur Steiner


 Engage, participate, empower: modelling power transfer in disadvantaged rural communities


Stream B) New and refined methods of undertaking rural research more broadly included the following presentations


Other authors 



 Līga Paula


Measuring Capability of Rural Communities: Conceptual and Empirical Challenges


 Jonathan Menary


Using an Agricultural Innovation Systems Approachto Explore the Barriers to Innovation in UK Fresh Produce


 Paulina Tobiasz-Lis

 Marcin W√≥jcik

 Drawing the countryside: freehand sketches as representation of rurality in Poland


 Gesine Tuitjer, M.A.


 What innovation biographies reveal: international experiences and local obstacles to cooperative innovation in the food sector