Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde



Deanship (Details)


Prof. Dr. Tobias Cremer

Dean ofthe faculty, Head of the International Forest Ecosystem Management study programme, Forest Utilization

Prof. Dr. Carsten Mann

Vice dean, Sustainable Forest Resource Economics

Carola Borchert

Secretary of the Dean
Professors (Details)


Prof. Dr. Martin Guericke

Forest Growth & Yield, Head of the Forestry study programme

Prof. Dr. Klaus Günther-Dieng

Forest Law & Policy

Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch

Biodiversity and Nature Protection

Prof. Dr. Andreas Linde

Applied Ecology and Zoology

Prof. Dr. Curt Majunke

Forest Protection, Forest Entomology

Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund

GIS & Remote Sensing

Prof. Dr. Dieter Murach


Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Michael Mussong

Forest Operation, Process Technology, Forest Development

Prof. Dr. Hermann Ott

Sustainability strategies and governance

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Rieger

Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management, Hunting Techniques

Prof. Dr. Winfried Riek

Soil Science

Prof. Dr. Harald Schill

Botany, Phytopathology, Director of the Forest Botanical Garden

Luis Miranda

Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf

Applied Silviculture

Prof. Dr. Martin Welp

Socio-economics & Communication, Head of the Global Change Management study programme

Prof. Dr. Hubertus Welsch

Hunting Law

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Henning von der Wense

Forest Economics, Vice-Dean

Prof. Dr. Barbara Wolff

Forest Inventory & Planning

Honorary professorship


Honorary professor Dr. Hartmut IhneEthiks, Policy Advice 
Honorary professor Dr. Hermann E. OttSustainability strategies and governance
Honorary professor Dr. Manfred StockClimate Change
Honorary professor Dr. Hubertus WelschHunting Law
Honorarprof. Dr. Ute-Sass KlaassenForest ecology, Forest products, Wood anatomy, Dendrochronology, Wood products

Lectures and Academic staff (Details)

Felix Cybulla

Environmental Protection working group

Evelyn Wallor

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Koordination FIT

Jan Engel

lecturer, Forest policy

Lisa Freudenberger

Project co-worker: "Prioritization of Nature Conservation in times of Climate Change"

Nicole AlbertGIS / Remote sensing

Laura Geiger

Julian Geisel

Waldwelten-Foundation; drought stress

Benjamin Gillich

Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management, Hunting Techniques

Carl Gremse

PhD in professorship: Hunting Technology

Holger Hartmann


Falko Hornschuch

PhD in professorship: Soil Science

Nora Koim

Fuel wood working group; Project coordination: AGRODEM XL & ELaN TP7; Energy wood plantations

Sören Krämer

ZIM project; Scientific-technical assistant: short-rotation plantations (Prof. Murach)

Alexander Martini

Assistant lecturer: Hunting Skills, Wildlife Research, Wood Science

Candy Mollnau

project coordination: CultPop and GREEN; third-party funded projects and contract research in the field of short-rotation plantations especially on special sites

Frank Michler

Wildlife Biology, Wildlife  Management

Christoph Nowicki

Management of coordination & development; Globale Change Management study coordinator, lecturer in Biodiversity & Nature Protection

Dr. Peter Rademacher

Agricultural wood working group; lecturer; project coordinator: "ZIM-Agroforst"

Georg Ruck

Project co-worker: Sewage fields Hobrechtsfelde

Alexander Russ

Project co-worker: "Soil condition survey Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"

( third-party funded project)

Julia Sauermann

Young scientists group "Regionally adapted strategie against accelerated climate change - ecosystem services / biodiversity"; geospatial analysis / Forest and nature protection in times of climate change

Astrid Schilling

Student counselling, PhD in professorship, lecturer

Rainer Schlepphorst

BIODEM Project

Dr. Markus Schmidt

Project co-worker: "ZIM-Agroforst"

PD Dr. habil Jens Schröder

Project co-worker: Adaptation through targeted development of mixed-species forests (part of the INKA BB project)

Elena Wenz

Scientific-technological research associate: WEHAM-project

Thea Schick

Other staff (Details)Function

Judith Bielefeldt

Device Management

Zina ZaimecheCoordination & Development: Study Program Coordination FST
Mike WiebrockCoordination & Development: Consultant for quality and organization

Carola Borchert

Secretary of the Dean

Andrea Bruszies

Head of the soil science & chemistry laboratory

Jana Ritter

Laboratory assistant: Botany and Forest Botanical Garden