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Examination matters
This automated translation is for guidance only. In case of doubt, the German version is binding.

Examination matters for all students at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development are coordinated by the Examinations Office in the Student Support Service Department.
All examination-related decisions are made by the examination board of the student's degree programme in accordance with the framework regulations and the respective study and
examination regulations of the degree programme, which are clearly assigned to the student at the start of their studies.

The study and examination regulations of the individual degree programmes can be found on the Study & Examination Regulations page.

Information on the implementation of the second amendment ot the RSPO of 17.10.2022

With the second amendment to the RSPO approved by the MWFK on 02.12.2022 and published in the HNEE Official Notices on 06.12.2022, the following new regulations come into force:

1. in the summer semester 2023, there was a switch to explicit examination registration for all students who started their studies on or after 01/09/2016.
In order to strengthen students' personal responsibility, they are no longer automatically (implicitly) registered for examinations in compulsory and compulsory elective modules, but decide for
themselves by actively (explicitly) registering whether or not to take the examinations for the modules taken in the current semester

Here you find instructions in English on how to register for exams.

  • For exams within the first two months of the lecture period, the deadline for binding exam registration is 24 hours before the exam date. 24 hours before the exam, examiners must:

    - retrieve the registration list of authorised candidates from EMMA,
check attendance at the start of the examination and
    - archived with the examination record.

  • Registration for examinations that take place from the third month of lectures and during the examination period:


Start of lecture period

Exam registration deadline
(in each case 2 months after the start of lectures)

Summer semester 202320.03.2023Mon 22.05.2023
Winter semester 2023/2425.09.2023Mon 27.11.2023
Summer semester 202418.03.2024Mon 20.05.2024
Winter semester 2024/2523.09.2024Mon 25.11.2024
Summer semester 202517.03.2025Mon 19.05.2025
Winter semester 2025/2622.09.2025Mon 24.11.2025

  • These binding registration and deregistration phases are included in the semester dates. This may mean that students have to register for examinations before the module has even started (e.g. modules in the respective university-wide block weeks). However, after the first two months of the lecture period, students should be able to estimate the workload for the current semester. It is still possible to deregister from a module examination up to seven calendar days before the start of the examination in the campus management system.

  • If the registration deadline is missed, participation in the examination is excluded. If an examination is nevertheless taken, this examination will not be assessed under any circumstances.

The implementation of these regulations also requires that lecturers publish the examination results in the campus management system no later than six weeks after the start of the lecture period of the following semester so that students know whether they have to retake examinations.

2. Online examinations may be offered as an alternative to face-to-face examinations.

  • The form of examination specified in the respective SPO remains unchanged.
  • The examiners themselves decide whether to offer an online examination.
  • No decision by the examination board is required.
  • Students must submit the declaration of consent before each examination and confirm that they have read the data protection information. The form for the declaration of consent and the
    corresponding information on data protection were created by the Academic Affairs Office in consultation with the Data Protection Officer (see appendices).
  • The form and the data protection information sheet are published on the HNEE website under Forms and Applications.
  • The form for the declaration of consent and the corresponding information on data protection is
    signed by the student before the online examination,
    - registered by the examiner and
    - archived with
    the examination record or the written examination.

3. Registration and processing deadlines for final theses in accordance with the 2nd amendment to the RSPO 2022
Many of the previous study and examination regulations provide for short deadlines for the registration of theses and the processing time. As a way of quickly implementing the changes across the university in a legally compliant manner, the department councils of all departments and the Joint Commission for the BIOM degree programme should adopt the following resolution:
"For all study and examination regulations of the department ...., which are based on the RSPO 2016 and possibly higher, the regulations of the framework study and examination regulations of the HNE Eberswalde, which came into force on 06.12.2022, apply with immediate effect for the registration and (if desired in the department) the processing times of the final theses.".
The Faculty Councils of the Departments of Forestry and Environment, Landscape Use and Nature Conservation and Sustainable Economics have passed this resolution.

The new regulation applies here:

  • Theses must be registered at the end of the semester following the one in which the last examination result was published. This is the last possible time for thesis registration.
  • Bachelor's theses must be submitted within 3 months after the registration date.
  • Master's theses must be submitted within 6 months after the registration date.

4. "Second examination period"
The introduction of a "real" second examination period is waived, but all examinations are generally offered in every examination period.