Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Setting up a VPN connection and drives

You need  No VPN connection on Wi-Fi or in the halls of residence !

To reach your personal server directory (drive P) or drive S , or to see internal HNEE Web pages, or to establish a direct connection between your Outlook and our E-mail server (Exchange), you must register to our network by creating an encrypted VPN connection.

The IT service centre operates a VPN server (Virtual Private Network) called vpn.hnee.de. You need to identify yourself with your login name and password. In order to connect to this VPN server you need to setup a VPN connection on top of your existing network connection (e.g. a local WiFi connection) to the Internet.

Below you will find the description of the institution for the following operating systems (setup instruction in German only):


Setting up a VPN connection

1. Reading the manuel

Windows 7Windows 8Windows 10 Logo

Apple Logo Ubuntu

2. Installing the client

3.configuring the connection


Connecting to the drivers S and P

The drives S and P are the network drives used at the HNE Eberswalde. Drive P is the connection to the personal storage area on a central server. This connection is established automatically when logging into one of the computers of the HNE.

From outside you have to establish this connection manually (the drive letter does not matter). Drive S is the HNE's usual connection to a virtual directory that does not actually exist on any server. The "Distributed File System" (DFS) is used to combine a collection of network shares on different servers. Access to the drives requires a one-time setup per device.

Below are instructions for this process for the different operating systems:

Windows 10 Logo     Apple Logo     Ubuntu