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Registration and Deregistration

Registering for modules

You can register for elective and facultative modules and courses offered by the Language Centre during the module selection phases via "My EMMA".

The number of participants in the modules and courses of the Language Centre is limited (usually a maximum of 20). If this number is exceeded, not all registrations can be considered. You will be informed if your registration could not be considered.

Modules and courses can only take place if there is sufficient demand (usually at least 10 registrations).

It is therefore best to register for your desired module or course early in order to increase the planning reliability of everyone involved.

If you have missed the registration periods or are experiencing technical problems, please send us an email.

If you would like to register as an auditor (participation without examination), please email us with your request.

Deregistering from modules

Module selections are binding. Deregistrations cannot be arranged by the Language Centre team. Please contact the examination board responsible for your degree programme in urgent exceptional cases that require you to deregister.

Deregistering from examinations

Withdrawals from examinations are generally possible via "My EMMA" up to 7 days before the examination date. If you deregister from an examination in a language module, you are automatically registered to retake the examination at the next possible date (usually the following year).