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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Round Table for Sustainable HNE Development

Together for sustainable development



Based on discussions regarding the renaming of the University, the Environmental Manager and the Coordinator of the Family-Friendly University initiated the Round Table for Sustainable HNE Development in June 2010. The objective is a common, comprehensive sustainable development at HNEE involving all university groups. Areas for action are identified together and new concepts are developed for a sustainable development of HNEE. As a result, working groups (see below) develop specific projects and measures for implementation.

Participants and Appointments

The "Round Table for Sustainable HNE Development" views itself as a democratic board involving and influenced by all interest groups at the university. Accordingly, EVERYONE can and should become involved (students, researchers and lecturers, university administration employees, our cooperation partners, etc.). They can also become involved on a subject-specific or temporary basis or in working groups.

The Round Table meets once or twice a semester. The subject-specific working groups are organised in addition to this.


WHO?      Everyone!
                 Students, employees, cooperation partners

WHEN?    1-2 times per semester;
                 Details can be found in the events section

HOW?      Just drop by!
                 It is also possible to work on a specific topic, for a limited time
                 limited period of time or in a specific working group.


Subjects currently under discussion at the Round Table and by the specific working groups include:


23. Runder Tisch: Faire Arbeitsbedingungen an der HNEE (24.05.2019)

22. Runder Tisch: Vorbereitung Strategiekonferenz (27.11.2018)

21. Runder Tisch: Bildung f√ľr nachhaltige Entwicklung (07.05.2018)

20. Runder Tisch: Nachhaltigkeitsmensa (15.01.2018)

19. Runder Tisch: Wertschätzungskultur (23.11.2017)

18. Runder Tisch: Gemeinwohlbilanzierung (12.01.2017)

17. Runder Tisch: Diskriminierungsarme Personalentscheidung (14.07.2016)

16. Runder Tisch: Nachhaltigkeitsmensa (07.12.2015)

15. Runder Tisch: Nachhaltigkeit im sozialen und beruflichen Kontext (23.06.2015)

Protokoll 14. Runder Tisch (06.11.2014)
Protokoll 13. Runder Tisch (04.06.2014)
Protokoll 12. Runder Tisch (12.11.2013)
Protokoll 11. Runder Tisch (12.6.2013)
10. Runder Tisch (30.01.2013) - ohne Protokoll (Austauschtreffen zwischen den aktiven AGs)
9. Runder Tisch (22.10.2012) - ohne Protokoll (Austauschtreffen zwischen den aktiven AGs)
Protokoll 8. Runder Tisch (25.07.2012)
Protokoll 7. Runder Tisch (23.04.2012)
Protokoll 6. Runder Tisch (23.01.2012)
Protokoll 5. Runder Tisch (20.10.2011)
Protokoll 4. Runder Tisch (14.02.2011)
Protokoll 3. Runder Tisch (16.12.2010)
Protokoll 2. Runder Tisch (30.09.2010)
Protokoll 1. Runder Tisch (28.06.2010)



Kerstin Kräusche

Officer sustainability

Tel.: + 49 (0) 3334 657-228

Vera Clauder

Coordinator Family-Friendly University

Tel.: + 49 (0) 3334 657-143