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Ukraine: Information for affected students


Infos für betroffene Studis bzgl. des Kriegs in der Ukraine

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The following information, which is also relevant for students, came from the university management via the e-mail newsletter on 07 March:

Currently, students from Ukraine and Russia are enrolled at HNEE. Immediately after the beginning of the war, the staff of the Student Services and International Office, among others, contacted them and offered support and have been in close contact ever since. The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth, has also announced a meeting with a group of the students.

In accordance with the declarations of the German Rectors' Conference, the German Academic Exchange Service, the German Research Foundation as well as the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWFK) and all Brandenburg universities, the management of the university has also decided to suspend all cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partners in research and teaching until further notice.

In concrete terms, this means:
Cooperation, mobility and initiation programs with Russian and Belarusian universities and cooperation partners are suspended. Business trips and excursions to Russia and Belarus will not take place. The HNEE distinguishes between institutions and individuals. This means: For Russian and Belarusian students in Bachelor's and Master's programs at HNEE, these measures have no consequences - they are of course allowed to stay. Furthermore, it is simply a matter of false reports when it was heard that Russian students at German universities as well as HNEE are to be forcibly de-registered - they are and remain students of HNEE.

The top priority in these challenging and difficult times is cohesion and confidence. It is all the more important that we keep reminding ourselves that it is not the Russian people, but Putin and his regime who are responsible for this war. Staff, lecturers and professors are called upon to act and decide prudently at all times. When dealing with students whose families live in Ukraine, special consideration is required, especially when it comes to deadlines and exams.

Resistance among the Russian population to Putin's war is growing. Among them, more and more Russian scientists are raising their voices against the war, knowing that they are endangering themselves and their families. This attitude deserves the greatest respect and esteem.

Various offers of assistance for people from Ukraine

The DAAD has established an internet presence with information, support offers and networking opportunities. The DAAD's goal is to find pragmatic solutions for all ongoing and initiated projects, sometimes on a case-by-case basis. Further Information

The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) offers support and assistance to Ukrainian and Russian students, e.g. if the rent for the student apartment can no longer be paid or other needs arise as a result of the crisis situation.

The CEE Fellowship Program of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), one of the largest environmental foundations in Europe, is being increased and expanded, thus sending a signal of solidarity with Ukraine: Ukrainian university graduates and doctoral students, whether living in Ukraine or refugees, will receive special support from now on. Further Information

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