Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

The Graduate School

Within the Biosphere Reserves Institute, there is an established cooperative graduate programme between the HNE Eberswalde and Leuphana University. The programme’s research focuses on and works with Biosphere Reserves.
The first doctoral students of the graduate school, along with their respective supervisors are listed below.

Over the next 4.5 years they will devote themselves to specific scientific questions in the area of “Process design for the implementation of biodiversity-conserving landuse – focus on biosphere reserves”:

Charlotte Gohr: â€œAssessing the effectiveness of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves - towards a global monitoring tool of socio-biophysical conditions”

Supervised on the behalf of HNEE: Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch (SF: Nature Conservation)

Supervised on the behalf of Leuphana: N.N.

Fabio Weiss: â€œInvestigating long-term trends and their drivers in epigeal forest insect communities:
A reassessment of ground-beetles (Coleoptera:Carabidae) in lowland beech forests of the UNESCO Biosphere
Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin”

Supervised on the behalf of HNEE: Prof. Dr. Andreas Linde (SF: Applied Ecology and Zoology)

Supervised on the behalf of Leuphana: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Assmann (SF: Ecology)


Laura Danzeisen: â€œOrganizing processes to implement alternative land use practices on organic soils within biosphere reserves in Germany”

Supervised on the behalf of HNEE: Prof. Dr. Vera Luthardt (SF: Vegetation Science & Applied Plant Ecology)

Supervised on the behalf of Leuphana: N.N.

Caroline Dabard: â€œEnhancing the transformative potential of biosphere reserves by reconnecting them with their surroundings”

Supervised on the behalf of HNEE: Prof. Dr. Carsten Mann (SF: Sustainable Forest Resource Economics)

Supervised on the behalf of Leuphana: N.N.

Martin BalaĆĄ: â€œDevelopment of a regional monitoring model for the evalutation of sustainability Impacts of tourism in UNESCO Biosphere reserves"

Supervised on the behalf of HNEE: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas (SF: Sustainable Tourism)

Supervised on the behalf of Leuphana: Prof. Dr. David Abson (SF Sustainability Economics and Assessment)

The graduate school pursues the strategic continued development and support of the doctoral students at the HNEE and is open to other young scientists who want to work on relevant topics related to biosphere reserves.

In a regularly appearing podcast the graduate school members speak about the perks and challenges of being PhD students, but also about the scientific backgrounds of their projects and the everyday life and work at HNEE.

Graduiertenkollegfrom the left: Charlotte Gohr, Fabio Weiss, Martin BalaĆĄ, Laura Danzeisen, Caroline Dabard

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